The Assembler of Parts


Coming Fall 2013: The Assembler of Parts

A novel by Dr. Raoul Wientzen

This stunning debut — like The Lovely Bones — is a child’s story narrated from the afterlife, and an emotional fable about love, forgiveness, and what most makes us human.

Advance Praise for The Assembler of Parts:

” …this astonishing first novel…Boasting a fearlessly self possessed child narrator, this is one of those books you stop what you’re doing to finish, take a breath to ponder its profundities, and start again.”  – Kirkus Reviews, August 1, 2013

“It is a miraculous book that turns our universe inside out, allowing us to view it from an entirely new angle, and Raoul Wientzen brings us such a story. The Assembler of Parts examines that fulcrum where faith and medicine balance, bringing forth the most uniquely humane of answers. Wientzen’s book is a jewel that allows us fresh hope.”  – Randy Susan Meyers—international bestselling author of The Murderer’s Daughters and The Comfort of Lies

“Without pulling any punches, The Assembler of Parts and its wise and unforgettable narrator, Jessica Mary Jackson, will teach you that what could be perceived as tragic is in truth a great opportunity for love, acceptance and healing. I loved it!”  - Barbara Esstman, author of The Other Anna and Night Ride Home.